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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 8, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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several mudslides. dan? fairfax landslides 0208175pkg imagine being in your home with your young son when suddenly the hillside comes crashing through your front door that's what happened here on berry trail tuesday morning.sot thanya al- saadoon/fairfax resident 14-22 thanya al-saadoon lives next doorsotbut now with the trail washed out all sawdoon who is caring for her mother has her own problems.sotalso problems along what the locals call cascade creek. the rush of
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the water has eroded a several feet of canyon road. bob steele has lived in the area for more than 50 yearssot bob steele/fairfax resident 106-114 and along porteous avenue, residents are still cleaning up mud that filled the street tuesdaysot dylan eastman/fairfa x resident 120-125while the mud seems to have disapated the water from the nearby hillside continues to pour through the streets.133/the streets
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also happening now in the north bay - crews are working to remove standing water on highway 37 in novato. this has been an issue every time we've seen big storms this winter. caltrans has been out all day...trying to pump the water off the highway. all lanes are closed in the westbound direction from atherton avenue to highway 101. one of two eastound lanes is open in that area. caltrans is working to prevent futher flooding on that stretch of roadway. no word yet on when highway 37 will re-open...and likely not soon...with tomorrow's heavy rain in the forecast.
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áááááá also on the storm watch... there's been some progress in moving a huge rock and mud slide on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. traffic is managing to get crews work to clear the northbound lanes open beforethe next storm moves in. kron four's rob fladeboe is live at the scene . how does it look rob....? áááááánats nicknamed 'the spider' because it has several spider' because nicknamed 'the
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nats áááááánats nicknamed 'the spider' because it has several appendage-like attenuators, four wheelsand a big scoop at the end of another arm, the relatively small but powerful excavator had no trouble crawling up the steep slide. a tough machine for a tough job.sot devin borr/caltransthe slide is very unstable. still moving in fact. several big trees had to be knocked downbefore the spider was deployed. it's a slow process. there are hundreds of ton of material to be moved. the excavator working from the top down.sot devin borr/caltranssure enough, the spider knocked free several big boulders like this one. traffic, which has been moving in both directions, sharing the southbound lanes, was brought to a halt everyso often just
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in case. people happy to get through at all.sot/mosthe driver of this truck escaped serious injury when the slide occurred on tuesday and it's actually a larger version of the same slide that crushed another vehicle here last month. as another storm looms caltrans and the spider have their work cut for them this time.sot devin borr/caltrans s
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kron four's weather teem has issued a storm tracker four weather alert for tomorrow's round of heavy rain, strong winds and renewed flooding concerns. chief meterologist brittney shipp is tracking this storm for us. brit- when is the rain
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expected to start? thursday is another strong alert issued.
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there is little you can do when mother nature makes a monster move... when the hillside wants to go... it goes. this is video from yesterday capturing the moment when a hillside above this home came crashing down...
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again. as you can see part of the home had already been slammed by the loose rocks and mud above. tonight... kron4's chuck clifford is back in the neighborhood to check on the clean up.
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in the east baya downed tree and power lines have closed a stretch of diablo road in danville. police say the large tree fell sometime early this morning....bringing down power lines as it fell.. while p-g-&e crews make repairs... people who live in the area were being allowed to use the road....but others were being turned back.. it wasn't clear when the road will be fully re-opened.. our storm coverage continues online at kron four dot com. you can find a list of other road closures and a look at some of the storm damage around the bay area. there's also live radar - to track the upcoming storm. it's all on kron four dot com. two heros spring into action - after a driver crashes into an rain swollen east bay creek. coming up on kron four news at five... we hear from the good
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samaritans...who saved a young man's life. then, we're learning new details about the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. what city officials knew about the building -- before the fire broke out. and next, there's a pothole problem in the east bay - sending drivers home in tow tucks. where this is happening - after the break.
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. as drivers have almost certainly noticed....westbound 580 is plagued by a giant pothole tonight. the two right lanes at
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greenville road in livermore are blocked. the pothole formed sometime this morning...leading to long delays and back-ups during the commute.. at one point the back-up extended all the way to tracy. crews say the lanes won't reopen until about 9 o'clock tonight. also in the east bay .. 22 people were safely evacuated from a flooded castro valley golf course... which sit off the san leandro creek. it happened just before noon, at a flooded road at the redwood canyon golf course. it was a mess.....turning into a swampy area about 300 feet wide. the people who had to be moved were all inside a golf course restaurant.. the golf course was closed for the day... and operators will monitor the creek will be monitored overnight. people in one community came together to clear a highway blocked by downed trees and a mudslide.... but it wasn't just any higway... it was the ááonly way one community can get to and from their homes.. the
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tree came down just after one this afternoon on highway 35 just after south highway 84 in sky londa... near portola valley. it blocked both directions and caltrans crews were too busy to respond to the scene because of the storm... so a group of six people who live in the area... brought out their own chainsaws and cut the large tree to let cars pass. at around two in the afternoon... caltrans crews managed to get to the area and cleared the mudslide. the highway was back open shortly after... heavy rain and strong winds caused a tree to crash into a san francisco home... early this morning on locksley avenue and lawton street. the tree fell on a home...and two parked cars. public works officials cleared away the debris.... and are now preparing for the next storm due tomorrow. all this rain is creating treacherous road conditions..
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cars have been skidding and sometimes crashing... and some drivers have been put in life threatening situations. kron 4's haaziq madyun... reports tonight on an accident where the driver survived... because this apparent weather related storm... brought out the best in one man. a driver loses control of his vehicle in the rain, flips over and lands submerged in a fast rising creek"as soon as i got close i realized the car was upside down in the creek and was pretty serious"it happened tuesday at around 2:45pm on highland road near san ramon. clayton wiedemann was working near by, heard the crash and was the first person on the scene"after trying to pry the door open i heard someone kicking at the door from the inside so i knew that somebody was moving around in there""i thought the poor whoever was in there was in
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trouble"clayton wiedemann's friend dan rich was the next person who came to help. he says the rainy weather intensified the life threatening situation, so they had to act fast"because the water was really really coming down""we had some tools to try to pry the door"this is a photo of the tool they had on hand"well it is a pick-ax, it's a big ol pick ax used for lifting rocks""the windows were under water so i couldn't see inside or anything""i said you know, we got no time to waste, so i just reared back and gave it a whack real good, you could hear the window implode inside and we just started grabbing everything we could, i gues one of the things i grabbed was him, but it happened so fast, he ended up on the bank before we knew it"chp investigators say the 20-year-old driver suffered only minor injuries...thanks to these two bay area heroes "we did, you know, what anybody should do""it was happening so fast you don't even think about it, you just get in there and get moving" you never know what you will
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do in a life or death situation like this, all you can hope for is the courage these two had when the time came for them to find out...haaziq madyun kron4news the tahoe area is a mess.....because of ongoing flooding.the warm rains have been melting tahoe's snowpack... there's lots of standing water... the c-h- p put it this way in a tweet - - "the rain is wreaking havoc on our localneighborhoods.".. officers have been helping people whose homes have flooded.. and residents are being asked to pick up sandbags from local fire stations.. a lot of them know the drill - since parts of tahoe suffered the same problem last month.. the soda springs area has been especially hard hit.. the latest storm has dropped up to 3 inches of rain around lake's also triggered mudslides and forced some roads to close. just one example- the nevada highway patrol had to close the mount rose highway in both directions at incline village...
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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still ahead... democratic efforts to stall president trump's cabinet picks are taking a contentious turn. why senator elizabeth warren is silenced. then, major concerns tonight in guerneville - as the area struggles with major flooding. and now people there - are bracing for 'another' storm..
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and helps keep acid down for hours. i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. there's new evidence tonight that the city of oakland knew about illegal parties at the ghost ship artist collective --- long before last december's deadly
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fire. records released today show that oakland police and firefighters had visited the scene dozens of times in recent years. natthe cluttered ghost ship warehouse was a death trap for 36 partygoers. tonight we know that nearly two years earlier, oakland police responded to reports of another illegal rave on the premises.just released documents reveals... officer hector chavez says he was flagged down in the early morning of march first, 2015, by someone complaining of drug and alcohol the heavily edited police report, chavez says he did not cite anyone.and that other officers had to be called when 20 people refused to leave the scene of what he called a 24=hour art studio.a month before, police responded to another call in a tenant's dispute over what the report called "illegal shared housing."the officer mediated the all, the records show there were eighteen police calls in ten years to the warehouse address and the
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vacant lot next door. firefighters also responded to three calls, all for emergency medical treatmentone call was for a fire outside the building..there are no reports of building inspections in the past ten we have reported before, city inspectors visited the site weeks before but were unable to gain access. the building's principal tenant, derick almena, has denied any responsibility for the fire. coming up, president trump continues his attacks on anyone who disagrees with his temporary travel ban. what words he used today as an appeals court still ponders the question. but first - we are tracking more rain. when you can expect more showers plus strong winds - find out after the break.
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another trying day for lots of people living near the russian river. all the rain caused the river to crest and
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flow onto the some roads. you can see just how high the water has gotten... big trucks trying to drive through the water... and some people even brought out their kayaks... and as kron four's terisa estacio shows us... the seemingly contant rain is ruining the winter for so many people who live and work in the guerneville area. te
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a mudslide has partly closed a residential road in greenbrae.. the 200-block
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of via la cumbre is closed in both directions....and it could beas long as 7 days before it's re-opened. police say only residents and emergency vehicles will have access to the road. other drivers are being asked to avoid the area.. the barrage of storms this winter...have damaged lake oroville's spillway in butte county. this video shows chunks of concrete have eroded from the spillway. the hole is 200-foot-long...and 30- foot - deep. the department of water resources stopped the flow of water out of the reservoir yesterday... so inspections could happen. experts say there is no danger of the dam itself falling...but repairs to the spillway need to be made. lake oroville still only at 80 percent capacity. so there is plenty of space for runoff to fill the reservoir.
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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new video is coming in from yesterday's destructive tornadoes in the south...the national weather service now says that at least
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four tornadoes hit louisiana.....although the governor argues there were as many as seven. there was also one in mississippi. a woman in the new orleans area says she and her 8-week-old baby were actually tossed around by a tornado...and her shocked reaction was on facebook live.. they were in a trailer at her job -- when it began coming apart. she says she had strapped the baby into her car seat and hung on for dear life....never letting go. they suffered only minor injuries. the storm system damaged dozens of homes and businesses -- and left thousands without power. and still head... the president pushes hard for approval.. but some members of congress are puttting up a big fight. the lastest twist in the battle to get support for one of the president's men. but first... a look at the closing numbers from wall street. utilities, real estate and other stocks that pay big dividends are the stock market winners today.
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the dow - fell 36 points. the nasdaq - added 8. rose just over a point
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no decision yet on president trump's travel ban. the ninth circut court of appeals in san francisco announced this morning its ruling would not come today. at issue is a lower courts decision that stopped implimentation of the presidents excecutive order that effectively stops refugees and people from seven predominately muslim
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countries from entering the u.s. the ninth circuit court's decision will be made by a panel of three judges. at a meeting in washington this morning, the president lashed out calling yesterdays court hearing disgraceful. one of the justices asked bluntly if the president could just order a ban on muslims. the justice department lawyer argued that is not what the excutive order says. another justice questioned whether the government had any evidence that connects the seven countries with terrorism and suggested the appeal may be premature. no word on when the court will issue its ruling but a spokesperson for the court previously said it would come this week.
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democrats have been doing whatever they can to stall some of president trump's cabinet picks from being confirmed -- and the latest battle over trump's attorney general pick jeff sessions took a contentious turn on the senate floor. from our partnership with cnn... scott mclean has this report from washington. sen. elizabeth warren / -d- massachusetts: mitch mcconnell said i was out of line and shut me up.democrats are trying to stand in the way of some of donald trump's cabinet nominations but in the process, senator elizabeth warren was asked to sit down. sen. mitch mcconnell / -r- senate majority leader: she was warned. she was given an explanation. nevertheless, she persisted.warren was reading from a 1986 letter from martin luther king junior's widow, urging congress to block jeff sessions' then-nomination to the federal bench. now senator sessions is trump's pick for attorney general. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said warren "impugned" sessions, breaking senate rules. warren did
5:41 pm
finish the letter, outside the senate chamber on facebook live.sen. elizabeth warren / -d- massachusetts: "mr. sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge."the battle over sessions' nomination comes after trump's education secretary betsy devos was confirmed by the narrowest of margins. sessions will get a vote only after a marathon senate debate. democrats are expected to give the same treatment to health and human services nominee tom price, and potentially others. sean spicer / white house press secretary: democrats once again spent hours last night in a counterproductive discussion of one of president trump's clearly qualified a tweet, president trump called it, "a disgrace" that democrats are stalling nominations. in washington, i'm scott mclean. senate democrats have been defending warren.. and today some of them read from the same letter written by coretta scott king. they weren't blocked for doing so. a
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spokesperson for senator mitch mcconnell said the others didn't disparage senator sessions before reading the letter...and hadn't ignored warnings from the senate chair to stop. coming up, the san francisco 49ers welcoming its new head coach - kyle shanahan to the bay area - hear from him and how he plans to improve the teams preformance - after the break.
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as we have been reporting... the rain is wreaking havoc across the bay area. let's check in now with steve aveson... with the latest. the entire bay area is saturated right now... loosening the soil and triggering rock and mudslides. these are pictures from a hillside in greenbrae. as you can see homes below threatened ... and heavy equipment coming to the rescue our storm
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coverage continues tonight at six... plus... the reverend jesse jackson in town today. what he has to say about fight over presidential nominees in congress. it's all coming up at six. but now let's get back to the news at five. the kyle shanahan era is officially underway for the san francisco 49ers. after going more than a month without a head coach and then having to wait for shanahan's time in atlanta to finish, the niners now have his full attention. mark carpenter joins us with more...and visual proof that shanahan is now in the bay area. shanahan has been
5:47 pm
considered the head coach for some time now, but until it became official earlier this week, anything could have happened. but now, 49er fans can rest assured that he is here...and is ready to work. the team tweeted out these photos earlier this afternoon. ceo jed york and general manager john lynch met shanahan on the tarmac.... as soon as he stepped off the plane. we assume they went straight from the airport to team headquarters... as york released images of shanahan and lynch in the locker room. and the two later addressed all employees of the organization. then, shanahan sent a message to the niner faithful. let's hear from the new head coach. "i lived here in middle school as part of the niners organization as a ball boy. won some super bowls back then and can't wait to get started again. just give us some time be patient with us. i promise you guys we are going to work as hard as anyone to do things the right way with good people, high character guys. it's going to be a lot of work, tough work. i promise you guys it will be worth it. we'll do this the right way, i will not let you guys down."
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both shanahan and lynch will be formally introduced at niners hq tomorrow afternoon. turning to the warriors-- superstar steph curry usually tries to avoid any political conversations, but the mvp made his thoughts known on president donald trump. in an interview with marcus thompson, curry was asked about his thoughts on the ceo of under armour, kevin plank, voicing support for trump... and calling him an asset. curry told thompson today, 'i agree with that description if you remove the áe-t' from asset. curry is one of under armour's biggest endorsers...and reportedly discussed this with plank. he says that plank told him his opinion is from a business perspective...and this doesn't ruin curry's relationship with the company. that isn't the only interesting off-the-court story involving the warriors... as michael jordan opened up about how he feels about the teams accomplishments. in an interview with 95-point-7 the game, warriors owner joe lacob revealed he was at a dinner with jordan and fellow nba owners... and the hall of famer didn't
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hold back when talking about the warriors' 73-win campaign, which broke the record set by jordan's bulls in the 90s. jordan basically told lacob the achievement is meaningless, a comment which struck a chord with the owner. "people are drinking and having a good time and all that, but there was a moment where he said, you know, '73 don't mean .' he did it, michael jordan did that. and i looked at him and i just decided not to make a big deal of it. i said, you know, you're right, we didn't win it, we had to get better." coincidentally, the warriors host the bulls toniht. it's the last home contest before the team leaves for a three-game road trip, which is headlined by kevin durant's return to oklahoma city on saturday night.
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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coming up, lady gaga is firing back at people she says body-shamed her for super bowl performance. her reaction -- lady gaga is fighting off
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body shamers tonight - after several comments where made after her super bowl preformance. the insider's louis aguirre joins us from hollywood with more on this story. vo#1days after soaring through that 13 minute super bowl halftime set without a hitch ... lady gaga x-apple- detectors://1 is shutting down the relentless internet trolls who have targeted her figure airkósuperóbowlóliólady gaga halftime show 17:17:06i'm beautiful in my way cuz god make no mistakes...vo#2on instagram she posted an image of her confidently performing in the crop top which some on twitter said showed off a supposed quote "muffin top" or "beer gut"... gaga's caption said quote vo#3i'm proud of my body and you should be proud
5:56 pm
of yours too... i could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. webmxvidólady gagaómillion reasonsórzt 00:01:28giving me a million reasons give me a million reasonsvo#5and we're certain gaga will bring just as much confidence to this sunday's grammys! the heavy metal band "metallica x- detectors://5" confirmed she will join them on stage in a joint performancemusic video popvo#6but undoubtedly the most anticipated performance will be beyonce x- detectors://6's! it will be her first public appearance since announcing she is expecting twins!clipóbeyonceópe rformanceóairkó2016ómtvóvideo ómusicóawardsór1ó20160828.sub .1 19:28:05holly like a boulevard vo#7but dont expect a high octane dance routine like she unleashed last summer at the vma's!clipóbeyonceópe rformanceóairkó2016ómtvóvideo ómusicóawardsór1ó20160828.sub .1 19:36:40i dream it i work hard i grind till i own it luny1óintvódailyómailócharlieó lankstonóreógrammys 10:32:10 what we understand is that she's going to be doing a kind of toned down performance we are kind of used to beyonce x- detectors://10 going over the top // 10:32:22 she's still going to be giving all that energy and all of that star
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power but obviously taking it a bit easier because she's pregnant and and twins none the less that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. rain and roads... a dangerous combo. the storms are making getting round challenging. major thourghfares shutdown in some places... and there's more rain to come... also -- a robbery and then a chase on the streets of san francisco. the story.. next... new at six. the news continues in just 70 seconds. stay with us.
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a massive mudslide... shutting down a major highway. flooding resulting in rescues. trees coming down... smashing into homes and blocking roadways. we are seeing it all tonight following the latest storm to hammer the bay area. and here is the bad news: there is more on the way. ááááá good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan... pam is off tonight. we can tell you that right now -- traffic is moving along on highway 17 in the santa cruzmountains. no small accomplishment.. . that could change at any time however as crews are battling a big mud slide that's shutdown two of the four lanes on the busyroad between los gatos and santa cruz. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live from the scene with a progress report on the work. rob? ááááá áááááááááá
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to the north bay where just about an hour ago... we learned that many schools in marin county will be closed tomorrow because of the weather. the list is very includes public as well as private schools. since we can't show you the entire list... we've put it right on the front of our website. to check to see which schools are closed, go to kron four dot com. it will be up for the rest of the night. one place getting hit especially hard this go around is the north bay. we are seeing lots of mudslides in marin county. kron 4's teresa estacio found a crumbling hillside in greenbrae.
6:03 pm
people all over the bay area are bracing for the next round of storms, while still trying to deal with what went on earlier this week. in fairfax, the problem is not just flooding but landslides. kron 4's dan kerman is there for us tonight with more.....dan
6:04 pm
6:05 pm
fairfax landslides 0208176pkg there's no better indication of how saturated the hillsides are in fairfax, than this. along berry trail, the land gave way slamming into this home where a mother and son narrowly escaped through a bathroom window and to the home of their next door neighborsot thanya al- saadoon/fairfax resident 15-25 thanya al-saadoon lives next door sotbut with the road washed out, al-saadoon has concerns, because until it is fixed there is no way to get her wheelchair bound mother out sotalong canyon road the rushing waters of cascade creek are taking its toll on the street sot bob steele/fairfax resident 110-115 bob steele has lived here for more than 50 years. while he doesn't mind the rain, he would prefer some downtime in between storms.sotalong porteous avenue, residents are still cleaning after a landslide turned their street into 6 inches of mud sot dylan eastman/fairfax resident 135-139while the mud has disapated, the river of water continues flowing down the street.144 / down the street. nats of slide there's also this
6:06 pm
unforgettable video out of san rafael... where a mudslide has taken out a home.. understandably - people in this neighborhood remains on edge tonight. we know that at least one house can no longer be lived in.... and now comes the question of whether other houses could also be in danger. kron 4's charles clifford is back in that san rafael neighborhood tonight... the first question is have any other homeowners been told they need to leave?
6:07 pm
6:08 pm
thursday is another strong alert issued.
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6:10 pm
remember... you can always stay up to date through the kron four website. when you go to kron four dot com... you can pull up live stormtracker four radar. we also have the forecast where you live. and you can view some of the video and pictures that have come in to the kron four newsroom. big news from oakland tonight on the ghost ship warehouse... we now know that the warehouse was well known to oakland police and firefighters ... long before last december's deadly fire. natit's all in the police reports ... part of a 600=page document file released by oakland city officials.they knew there were illegal raves going on there.they knew people were living there february of 2015 officers responded to a tenant complaint from a woman living there.the report describes it as illegal shared housing.the police mediated the dispute and left without citing anyone. a few weeks later another complaint, this one from a
6:11 pm
passerby complaining of an illegal rave with drug and alcohol sales.again the responding officer made no arrests and issued no citations ... even though police had to be called back to make sure everyone had left the ten years there were eighteen police calls to the warehouse address and the vacant lot next door. firefighters also responded to three calls, for emergency medical treatment.most of those details have been blacked out.there are no reports of building inspections in the past ten we have reported before, city inspectors visited the site weeks before but were unable to gain access. two months later, and there is still no official cause of the fire.alameda county prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation.but again, no one has been charged so far.
6:12 pm
another big story we're tracking tonight....the trump administration's temporary travel ban... it's still in the hands of the ninth circuit court. yesterday, the court in san francisco heard arguments from administration attorneys and the state of washington. the white house has appealed a lower court's ruling that brought the ban to halt... when kron four reached out to the court today to find out if the justices had come to a decision... we were told they would not be making a ruling today. it might happen soon however...since the court has said it will act quickly. we hare more weather coverage to come. all this rain has caused a big problem at one of california's largest reservoirs. see what the rushing water did to the spillway. and some incredible video has come into the kron four newsroom from this latest storm. see what happened in wine country this morning. and take a look at this dramatic video. what we have learned led up to a chase the ended with a
6:13 pm
van crashing into a san francisco police van.
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♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. take a look at this
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videso... robbery suspects... who were trying to get away from san francisco police... ended up crashing into a police van... it all started with a robbery that happened further down the embarcadero near pier 39... three thieves violently took a purse from a woman... and then took off in their car.
6:16 pm
responding officers managed to follow the suspects.... during the chase.... the driver turned onto green street and crashed into a police van... all three men were arrested... and the crime is being investestigated. the victim is a woman from venezuela... she is expected to be okay, we're seeing all kinds of serious problems following the latest storm....and yesterday's soaking. from mudslides to downed trees to flooded roads... the bay area is dealing with quite a mess today. some of you have been sharing your pictures and video with us... grant lodes has some from the north bay. grant? steve and catherine... it is hard to be everywhere following this latest storm. we are getting reports from all over...showing the weather causing problems... one of the hot spots is the north bay. a kron 4 viewer sent us this video from napa county this morning. this is near yountville. the road... it is okay and people are driving
6:17 pm
slowly. a quick look to the side and you can see why. that is a lot of water... we haven't heard of significant problems from flooding in the yountville area... but one look at this video and you would think another big storm... they could have some problems. this is one area we will be watching with another storm expected to arrive tomorrow morning. and as always... be careful out there. if you have video of flooding, rain or anything to do with the weather... you can send it to us. the best way to do it... through the kron four mobile app. you can submit it through the report it feature and you might just see your pictures or video on our website or t-v. it is free for apple and android devices. one road that is seeing problems tonight is also in
6:18 pm
the north bay... highway 37. it is a key route for those commuting in marin county. all lanes are closed in the westbound direction from atherton avenue to highway 101. only one lane is open in the eastound direction. one look at the video from today and you can see why.. it is flooded. caltrans crews were out this morning... trying to pump the water off the roadway. we saw this last month when the exact same stretch got swamped. and as we have told you... caltrans is looking into making improvements to keep highway 37 from flooding again. no word tonight as to when all the lanes may reopen after this latest round of flooding. the last time it closed... it was several days. a pothole shuts down two lanes of a busy east bay freeway during the morning commute. and this is no ordinary pothole..caltrans crews have been working on it all day and now - during the evening commute...kron4's haaziq madyun shows us where it happened
6:19 pm
a major traffic hazard, a huge pothole diables multiple vehicles here on northbound 580 at the north greenville road exit in livermore...cali fornia highway patrol officer derek reed"when we got out there to the scene there were already about 15 cars with flat tires"caltrans crews arrived on the scene, shut down the two right lanes and began working to repair the problem in the roadway...this is a photo of the pothole"i mean it broke through all the way to the rebar, so they're going to have to put new rebar in and pave over"caltrans crews started working on that, which created a major traffic back up for miles"well into tracy almost to highway 5 at one point"chp officials estimate the pothole repair job will be finished and all lanes reopened this evening around livermore haaziq madyun kron4news the huge amount
6:20 pm
of water we've been getting has been spilling over in unexpected ways... some residents in oroville noticed that the water flowing out of theoroville dam spillway was gushing erratically... they even spotted chunks of concrete...not a good sign. engineers saw the problem too....and shut off the flow of water from lake oroville... that revealed a gaping hole - roughly 300 feet long and 150 feet wide. he's among the people saying there's no danger to the public...but some nearby residents are still nervous. the spillway will be kept dry
6:21 pm
for a few days so engineers can take a closer lookat the damage. they're increasing more water into a secondary spillway in the meantime.. thursday is another strong alert issued.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
up next... silenced but not forgotten. civil rights activist reverend jesse jackson sounds off in san francisco about the senate's move to silence senator elizabeth warren after started reading a letter from coretta scott king. and we're keeping a close eye on the weather tonight. we'll take you to guerneville -- where there's lots of concern about the rising russian river. new tonight at eight...a heads up for driversthose red light cameras may be used for much more in the near future.we'll
6:24 pm
tell you about the proposed plan to use the cameras to catch speeders. how much you could be fined..if you're caught going too fast.that's new tonight at eight. watch kron at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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6:26 pm
are accusing senate republicans of 'muzzling' massachusetts senator elizabeth warren.. using a seldom-used rule against 'impugning the character of a fellow senator' -- warren was forced into silence last night on the senate floor.. she'd been reading out loud from letters....including one from the widow of martin luther king jr. it criticized the record of jeff sessions on voting rights . sessions is the republican senator who tonight was confirmed as the new attorney general. warren was talking about what happened ...and that 1986 letter from coretta scott king.
6:27 pm
republican majority leader mitch mcconnell says warren had been 'warned' aboutviolating the rules....when she continued to talk about sessions. dozens of democrats came to warren's defense today...saying republicans carried out selective enforcement of a little-used rule. we are also hearing from noted civil rights activist, the reverend jesse jackson. jackson spoke at the university of san francisco today as part of the school's african american history celebration. during the question and answer session... kron four asked him for his
6:28 pm
take on senator warren being silenced. speak." the reverend pointed out the senator bernie sanders read the letter today. jackson added that this is one reason sessions should not have been appointed attorney general. a bad combination in the sierra tonight. the dangerous conditions in the mountains as the rain mixes with melting snow. and a mom and her baby are lucky to be alive. their close encounter with yesterday's powerful tornado that swept through new orleans. also -- president trump's cabinet choices.. we'll go inside the white house and break down the moves made by the administration during its first weeks.
6:29 pm
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thursday is another strong alert issued.
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while we deal with rain in the bay area.a flood warning is effect for part of lake tahoe this evening. this is what south lake tahoe is struggling with. you can see thick mounds of snow - and ice. piling up in residential neighborhoods ...blocking drains.and creating puddles and ponds in places they shouldn't be many resident's are spending the most of tongiht pumping out water from houses and
6:35 pm
driveways. only to watch more flow in. and with rain in the forecast for most of the week. a flood warning will remain in effect through tomorrow evening. we are constantly updating the kron four website and if the sierra is in your plans you will want to check on the traffic. one the best ways to do it... just click on the traffic tab and choose traffic conditions. you can see all the hot spots and view the traffic through our live cameras. president trump will give a speech to a joint session of congress at the end of the month. what he'll say may be as unpredictable as some of the moves made by the administration in its early days. chief washington correspondent jim osman takes a look at the new administration... and where it stands when it comes to putting its agenda into action..
6:36 pm
take pkg vo donald trump has signed presidential executive orders at a hurried pace. but president's don't get what they want simply by decree. the president's spokesman sean spicer has had to swat down one kerfuffle after another. sot welker presserthat moment quickly turned into an snl parody for the ages.sot president trump hasn't been in office for three weeks but with a ban on certain travelers to the u.s., a supreme court pick, and many a tweet... it may seem longer than that. congressman xx republican from dayton, ohio. sot from republican lawmaker there have been distractions no doubt some that have overshadowed big issues such as the president's intent to roll back dodd-frank... a 2010 financial regulation law passed after the 2008 financial crisis. sot/pelosi /waters
6:37 pm
we show you this incredible video yesterday of tornado tearing through new orleans. tonight the miraculous survival story from a mother who says the winds picked her up along with her
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
a louisiana mother's quick thinking during a tornadosaved her daughter's life. she strapped her
6:41 pm
eight-week-old into her car seat --- shielding the baby from serious injury . amanda stockfelt was at work with her baby girl...when the worst happened. a tornado ripped through the area...throwing them into the air.. the young mother gripped tightly to her newborn as the tornado threw them around....stockfelt says she had only one thought on her mind.. the baby came through it all without a scratch.. amanda had only minor injuries. in sports... new 49ers coach kyle shanahan touched down in the bay area today... we have his message to the 49er
6:42 pm
faithful...... and an ugly scene at madison square garden... as a former knicks star fights with security before being arrested... gary has that story... and all the sports... coming up
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the kyle shanahan era is officially underway for the san francisco he arrived in the bay area touching down and being greeted on the tarmac by team ceo jed york and new general manager jonhn lynchthe team tweeted out the airport photos shanahan then arrived at 49ers headquarters to a cheering mass of team employees who he addressed immediatelyshanahan also sent
6:46 pm
out an early message to the 49er faithful
6:47 pm
this was an ugly scene at madison square garden during tonight's kicks-clippers game charles oakley who played for the knicks for 10 seasons and is one of that franchise's most-beloved players got into a shoving match with stadium security and had to be escorted off the floor and into the tunneloakley was handcuffed and said, ""i didn't do nothing! dolan did this...this is bullshitát." okaley's criticism of knicks management has been well known recentlyknicks president phil jackson who coached oaklay as an assitant with the chicago bulls had to go to the tunnel in an attempt to calm him downthe knicks released a statement saying oakley was arrested
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
the warriors will be facing a shorthanded bulls team tonight at oracle arena all-star swingman jimmy buter is out for tonight's game with a right heel contusion this will be the 3rd straight game he's missed with that ailment dywane wade is also questionable as he has an upper respiratory infection he did not attend today's shootaroundmeanwhile klay thompson talked today about trying to get back on track after a loss saturday against the sacramento kings
6:50 pm
steph curry usually tries to avoid any political conversations, but the mvp made his thoughts known on president donald trump. in an interview with marcus thompson, curry was asked about his take on the ceo of under armour, kevin plank, voicing support for trump... and calling him an asset. curry told thompson today, 'i agree with that description if you remove the áe-t' from asset. curry is one of under armour's biggest endorsers...and reportedly discussed this with plank. he says that plank told him his opinion is from a business
6:51 pm
perspective...and this doesn't ruin curry's relationship with the company. warriors owner joe lacob apparently not on the best terms with michael jordan... as the 6-time nba champion took a shot at the team's 73- win season. here's lacob in a radio interview with 95-point-7 the game. these comments were made at a dinner with jordan and other nba owners. the hall of famer...obviously irked that the warriors broke the his bulls in the 90s. lacob said he was hurt by the remarks. are you ready
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
thousand digital albums and songs on super bowl sunday. that's a one-thousand percent jump from the day before.. and from a marketing standpoint - it's also great timing... tickets for the u.s. leg of lady gaga's upcoming world tour - go on sale monday... "let life in
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, lady gaga shuts down her super bowl body shamers. >> super bowl li! >> plus, will a pregnant beyonce still deliver at the grammys? >> she's going to be doing a toned down performance. then when grammy stars pull in the most bank? >> you tape it all together and you get that big, fat sum of money. >> "forbes" tells us who's sitting pretty at the top. and number three -- justin timberlake takes over "the hollywood reporter." >> are you guys rolling? >> yeah. >> camera one. camera two. what career fail did he apologize for? >> sorry. plus, your "insider bonus." >> when you're sad you eat, when you're happy you eat.
7:00 pm
this as chrissy metz opens up about her struggle with body image. and -- >> see, ladies, this is how it's done. this is how we do it. >> reese and her mini-me daughter owned the red carpet as the "big little lies" girl gang takes over hollywood. >> it's just a hood. just a hood in action. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. beyonce, adele and now lady gaga? yeah. this sunday's grammys just got more divalicious. welcome to "the insider." debbie matenopoulos is off and keltie is joining me now. >> this is my favorite kind of news. the countdown to the grammys. the number-one tracking story, and everyone wondering what beyonce's performance will be like now that she's expecting twins. >> i'm guessing still flawless. >> hey. >> hey. meanwhile, gaga riding high off her halftime glory, but today she's facing a different critique from super bowl body shamers. ♪ >> days after soaring through that 13-minute super bowl


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